Al- Ahram Newspaper (in Arabic) 

Al-Ahram (Arabic: الأهرام; English: The Pyramids), founded in 1875, is the most widely circulating Egyptian daily newspaper, and the second oldest after Al-Waqae’a Al-Masreya (English: The Egyptian Events, founded 1828). It is majority owned by the Egyptian government.Al-Ahram is widely considered an influential source of writing style in Arabic.

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Al- Akhbar Newspaper (in Arabic)

Akhbar El Yawm (Arabic: أخبار اليوم‎)is an Egyptian newspaper which wasfounded in 1944. It is released weekly on Saturdays. It has a daily edition called Elakhbar. The newspaper is owned by the Egyptian Shura Council and considered a semi-official newspaper

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Al- Gomhuria (in Arabic)

Al- Gomhuria was established in 1954 following the Egyptian revolution and became the new regime’s leading media.

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Al- Wafd (in Arabic)

Al- Wafd as launched in 1984. As the house organ of the liberal-democratic neo-Wafd party, the paper is considered an opposition paper, although both party and paper have oscillated between support and opposition for the regime.

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Al- Dustour (in Arabic)

Al- Dustour was first published in December 1995 and is published weekly in Arabic. The paper was originally published with a registration in Cyprus in order to get around the restrictive newspaper publication laws in Egypt during the Mubarak era.

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ِِAl- Masry Al- Yawm Newspaper (in Arabic)

Al- Masry Al- Yawm  is an Egyptian privately owned daily newspaper that was first published in June 2004. Almasry Alyoum is published in Arabic and has an Arabic website. The paper, while published in Arabic, also has an online English edition.

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Al- Watan Newspaper (in Arabic)

Al- Watan (الوطن) Comprehensive portal daily, published by the company for future publication and distribution and the press, was first published on May 2012.
  Blends gate between breaking news reports and political analyzes and articles by leading writers, along with services and entertainment, in order to satisfy the diversity of audience interests in Egypt and the Arab world, and Arabic speakers around the world.

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Al- Shorouk Newspaper (in Arabic)

Al- Shorouk (الشروق) is a daily Egyptian newspaper founded on 1 February 2009, include all that needs of  the Arab reader in general and Egyptian specifically of news and reports, articles and analyzes; whether in Egypt or in the Arab region , or the world in general.

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Al-Yawm Al-Sabei’ Newspaper (in Arabic)

Al- Yawm Al- Sabei’ (اليوم السابع) a daily comprehensive newspaper was published weekly since October 2008 , and was published starting from 31 May 2011, extends to the educated classes distributed to different segments of the middle class Egyptian readers.

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The Economist Magazine (in English)

The Economist is a weekly international news and business publication offering clear reporting, commentary and analysis on world politics, business, finance, science and technology, books and culture. publication owned by The Economist Newspaper Ltd. and edited in offices in the City of Westminster, London, England. Founded in 1843 to support the cause of free trade. It has become firmly established as one of the world’s most authoritative and influential publications. The Economist is famous for its objective, factual writing, rather than for emotive journalism….more

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Al- Ahram Weekly

Al- Ahram Weekly is an independent English-language newspaper issued by Al-Ahram Organization. Since it first hit the newsstands on Thursday 28 February, 1991, it has rapidly established itself as the leading English-language newspaper, not only in Egypt, but also — as we know from the many letters we receive from our readers — throughout the Arab world.

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The Guardian (formerly known as The Manchester Guardian) was founded by John Edward Taylor in 1821, and was first published on May 5 of that year.The Guardianis a British national daily newspaper…more

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