Document Supply Service exists to obtain articles, theses, reports or chapters in books which are needed for research but not found in BUE Library Catalogue or any of BUE subscribed full text databases.

The Document Supply Service is available to:

  1. Undergraduate students of The British University in Egypt.
  2. BUE staff.

How long will it take?

  1. The delivery of the document might take from one day to 3 weeks according to the availability of the item requested (whether in Egypt or outside).
  2. You will be notified by e-mail when your request is arrived. You can check the progress of your requests via e-mail, telephone or in person.
  3. Document Supply staff will advise you if your request is unobtainable and in some cases the Library can help you to find an alternative source.

N.B. All items requested will be submitted by mail unless it is requested in a paper format.

Steps for Document Supply Request:

  1. Search in the BUE Library Catalouge, BUE Electronic Databases and Journals to make sure that your request is not available in all BUE  resources.
  2. All requests must be made electronically by filling the required Document_Supply_form
  3. Send this form by mail to Document Supply Service at : and Cc to Tarek Mehrem at

The limited free requests of Document Supply Service are two requests only per month. But if you are still interested in having extra papers, please divide them to be ordered separately two papers per month or you should pay the fees for each extra one.

BUE Document Supply Services Copyright :

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Contact BUE Document Supply Services : 

Document Supply Service Team will be happy to assist. They can be contacted between 9.30 AM till 4.00 PM, Sunday to Thursday, Library building, Ext. : 1375-1376-2375-2376, or by mail to Document Supply Service at :