I. Audiovisual Room:

The Library has an Audiovisual Room available in the second floor for the users who wish to listen to music, watch a movies, watch a documentary or learn a language on their own by using the headphones available with the Librarian in charge. The room fits for 18 users.

II. Cinema Hall:

A Cinema Hall fits for 40 users is available in the Second floor. It will present movies and documentaries, in coordination with academic staff, which will be useful for faculties like Mass Communication and Humanities, and departments like Political Science and Economics.

III. Exhibition

The Library is not only a centre of learning and research but its role extends to provide a display area of paintings or photographs or any other form of arts.

IIII. Newspapers:

Different newspapers and magazines are available in the Social Aria in the Ground floor in both English and Arabic languages.

Audio Visual
Exhibition Area