This is the service of  borrowing / receiving books to / from users. To borrow books you need first to create an account at the Circulation Desk with a valid ID (and you should annually check your account if you have one to update it). Students can borrow up to 4 books per time for seven days and items can be renewed if they are not reserved by another user. Senior students – final year – can borrow up to 6 books.
Except for Textbooks, most BUE Library items are checked out for a one-week loan period (except for Dentistry & Nursing books as they can be checked out only for 3 days). They can generally be renewed, unless someone has placed a hold on a particular item. We do handle renewals of items over the phone, email, chat service or personally.

Renewal methods
Returning materials
Fine policies
Overdue items declared lost
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