The Library provides a wide range of instruction and subject support services for students and academics as follows:

Support for students

  1. Instructing general & course-related sessions
  2. Offering research consultations
  3. Answering enquiries & providing guidance and orientations through the Library
  4. Helping with research project/dissertation requirements
  5. Accessing courses reading lists easily through the Library catalogue
  6. Updating users with the new arrivals through the New Arrivals page.
  7. Checking Subject Guides by disciplines to find the best resources for their topics

Support for academics

  1. Creating and maintaining Subject Guides and the online tutorials
  2. Providing access to several leading academic databases and journals either through the Library portal or via the Egyptian Knowledge Bank (EKB)
  3. Providing course reserves to access course readings  through the Library catalogue
  4. Answering reference questions and providing research assistance
  5. Delivering effective instruction workshops and orientation tours
  6. Checking the recently added materials in the Library in each subject through the New Arrivals page.
Meet your Subject Librarian
There is an assigned Subject Librarian for your subject area who attends some of the faculty meetings to be updated with new programmes, assist faculty members in requesting new materials for the Library and work closely with your faculty/department to provide library curriculum support, research and instruction services. Find the Subject Librarian for your area of study:

Miss Wessam El Abd 

Engineering, Energy & Environmental Engineering & Informatics and Computer Science.

Mrs Shaima El Telbany

Business Administration, Economics and Political Science, Communication & Mass Media.

Mrs Suzan Ashmawy

Nursing, Pharmacy & Dentistry.

Miss Aliaa Adel

Law & Psychology and Chinese Dept.

Mr Abdelrahman Hamdy

Arts and Design & English Language and Literature Dept.

Library Instruction for the University Curriculum
The Library instruction programme is directed to the BUE undergraduate students to build a foundation of necessary skills which will give them the capability to locate, evaluate and use information effectively and make proper referencing within research/ assignment papers.
  1. To collaborate with colleagues across the University to integrate information literacy into academic programmes.
  2. To promote the Library as an integral part of a student’s education and enhance reliance upon its resources.
  3. To apply instruction methods that meet with diverse learning styles and allow for engagement and active learning.
  4. To provide professional development opportunities for librarians participating in this programme.
  5. To regularly evaluate the Library instruction programmes and make necessary improvements to meet the expectations of the faculty, students and staff.
Method of delivery
  1. The information literacy skills sessions will be embedded in Preparatory and Final years within any of the modules which requires submitting a research paper, hence students will be asked to attend these sessions as part of the course work before applying their research papers. Attendance and progress reports should be taken by the Subject Librarian and shared with the module leader for assessment purposes.
  2. As for the years between Preparatory and Final the delivery will be upon request.
Note: the Subject librarian assigned will coordinate with the module leader to discuss the topics included and learning outcomes
Learning outcomes
Outcomes might vary according to level year, though in general students should be able to:
  1. Search within the Library Catalogue and locate the books required on the shelves.
  2. Navigate the Library website and identify resources and services provided.
  3. Identify different methods of searching.
  4. Differentiate between reliable and unreliable information.
  5. Distinguish between different types of sources.
  6. Understand the concept of academic honesty.
  7. Write citations and references with a certain style.
Instruction Formats

There are different types of sessions that could be delivered by the subject librarians according to your needs as follows:

Course related-instruction sessions

These are course-integrated sessions based on specific assignments that require students to do information research to help them using the Library resources and services efficiently in the context of their academic discipline. Our Subject Librarians coordinate with the instructors to design and develop sessions that meet with the outcomes of these courses and also develop course specific guides that will introduce students to information resources relevant to their specific assignments.

The Library’s online guides are listed in the Subject Guides tab located on the Library website. Instructors can also embed subject and course guides into their e-learning course pages to give students direct access to Library resources.

On demand sessions 

The Library conducts or hosts sessions for academics and students who wish to be introduced to specific online resources and research databases (e.g. Medline, ScienceDirect, One Petro… etc.)

 Check our instruction calendar for the dates and times of upcoming sessions or request a session from here.

Induction tours 

New students and academics are offered library induction sessions prior to the beginning of the academic year or on demand. For more information, click here

Topics covered

The below are samples for topics we deliver during our instruction sessions:

  1. Developing search strategies
  2. Types of information resources
  3. Searching the Library catalogue
  4. Using the EBSCO Discovery Services(EDS)
  5. Finding scholarly journal articles
  6. Evaluating information resources
  7. Using information ethically

Library Orientation
New academics and students are offered a library induction prior to the beginning of the academic year to ensure that they are acquainted with the Library’s spaces, resources and services.
Induction for Academics
This is a one hour session including a library tour where new academics are introduced to:
  1. Location of the Library and opening hours
  2. Library website, catalogue and databases
  3. Library search engine (EDS)
  4. Library services
  5. How to get in touch with the Library
Induction for Students
A 10-15 minutes session, where new students are introduced to:
  1. The location of the Library and opening hours
  2. Studying spaces: silent, quiet, social and group areas
  3. Food and drink policy
  4. University I.D. card and borrowing policy
  5. IT facilities available in the library
  6. How to get in touch with the Library
Note: an additional detailed session is arranged for freshmen as  part of the Library instruction programme To schedule a Library orientation session, please contact Mr. Tarek Mehrem at tmehrem@bue.edu.eg & Cc Miss Elham Abied at elham.abied@bue.edu.eg
Request a Session

Our Subject Librarians provide customized instruction for courses, groups, and individuals. To schedule a Library instruction session, you can contact any of the Subject Librarians directly from here

  1. For undergraduate’s sessions, the instructor/TA should attend the class with students and send a list of research topics before the session as students benefit most from information literacy when it is introduced in conjunction with a research assignment.
  2. Requests should be submitted at least 7 days in advance to ensure the availability of a librarian, access to a learning space, time to plan and prepare materials.

Instruction Spaces

The Library has 2 information skills labs (with a total capacity of 44 seats) located at the ground floor and assigned for Library related instruction sessions. Each one is equipped with PCs, internet connection, white board and a projector allowing students to have real hands-on experience with the databases, resources, and activities being introduced.

Instruction Calendar