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020 _a9781403947321
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082 0 4 _222
100 1 _aStreet, John,
245 1 0 _aMass media, politics and democracy /
_cJohn Street.
250 _a2nd ed.
260 _aHoundmills ;
_aNew York :
_bPalgrave Macmillan,
300 _axi, 387 p. ;
_c23 cm.
500 _aIndex : p. 369-387.
504 _aBibliography : p. 335-367.
505 0 _aRepresenting Politics: Political bias; Telling tales: the reporting of politics; It's just for fun? : politics and entertainment; Media effects -- The Political Economy of Mass Media. State control and state propaganda; Conglomerate control: media moguls and media power; Watchdogs or lapdogs? : the politics of journalism; Dream worlds: globalization and the webs of power -- Mass Media and Democracy. Transforming political communication? : the rise of political marketing and celebrity politics; New media, new politics; Power and mass media; A free press: democracy and mass media.
520 _aThis text provides a broad-ranging analysis of the relationship between the media and politics, covering the representation of politics in the media, the political impact of the media, the regulation of the media and the current and potential place of mass media in democratic societies. Systematically revised and updated throughout, the new second edition is even more international in scope and includes substantial coverage of the mediatization of politics; of E-politics and governance; of current debates on media effects and framing; of the impact of reality TV and of issues raised by the reporting of war in Iraq. -- Provided by publisher.
650 7 _aMass media
_xPolitical aspects.
650 7 _aDemocracy.
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