Paediatric dentistry at a glance /

Duggal, Monty S.

Paediatric dentistry at a glance / Monty Duggal, Angus Cameron, Jack Toumba. - Chichester ; Oxford : Wiley-Blackwell / John Wiley, 2013. - 120 p. : ill. (col.) ; 28 cm. - At a glance series .

Includes bibliographical references and index.

Title page; Copyright page; Contents; Treatment planning, growth and development; 1: Planning treatment for children; General philosophy of the authors; Philosophy of treatment planning; History; Examination; Radiographs and other investigations; Diagnosis; Formulating treatment plan; Restore or extract; Management strategy --
LA, LA with sedation or GA?; Preventive strategy; Choice of materials; Developmental anomalies; Medical history and treatment planning; 2: Growth and development; Development of the nasomaxillary complex; Mandibular growth; Tooth development; Tooth eruption. Eruption times for the primary teeth (in months)Eruption times permanent dentition (in years); Methods of assessing growth; Methods of monitoring somatic growth; Dental age --
why is it important?; 3: Child cognitive and psychological development; Introduction; Theories of cognitive and psychological development; John Piaget's theory of cognitive development; Erikson's psychosocial theory (Table); Freud's psychosexual theory; Behavioural theories of child development; Social theories of child development; The attachment theory by John Bowlby (Fig.); Vygotsky's sociocultural theory. Strategies for management of the child patient4: Behaviour management; Introduction; Dentist's manner and appearance; The dental environment; Parental and peer influences; Basic behaviour management techniques; Tell-show-do; Behaviour shaping; Modelling; Distraction; 5: Aversive conditioning and management of phobia; Introduction; Aversive conditioning; Negative reinforcement; Behaviour modification strategies; Flooding; Selective exclusion of the parent; Phobia; Systematic desensitisation; Preventing the development of dental phobia; 6: Local analgesia; Philosophy; Explanation. Topical/surface analgesiaCommonly used local anaesthetics; Infiltration analgesia; Direct/indirect palatal; Inferior dental block; Intraligamental; The Wand (Fig.); Contraindications of local analgesia; Maximum doses; 7: Conscious sedation; Definition; Indications; Preparing for sedation; Documentation; Inhalation sedation; Titration technique; Signs and symptoms of adequate sedation; Scavenging; Oral sedation; Intravenous sedation; Monitoring of sedated patients; 8: General anaesthesia; Indications for general anaesthesia; Planning treatment under GA; Consent; Fasting. Working with the anaesthetistChoice of airway; Communication with ward staff; Choice of analgesia; Use of local analgesia; Use of rubber dam; Discharge; Acknowledgement; 9: Rubber dam; Background; History; Indications; Advantages; Contraindications; Technique for rubber dam placement; Preparation of child for rubber dam; Single molar isolation (Fig.); Trough technique for quadrant isolation; Dry dam for anterior teeth; 10: Dental radiography; Radiographs in children; Radiographic caries diagnosis in children; Benefits of bitewing radiographs.

Paediatric Dentistry at a Glance is the new title in the highly popular at a Glance series. It provides a concise and accessible introduction and revision aid, comprehensively covering all the constituent sub-topics that comprise paediatric dentistry. Following the familiar, easy-to-use at a Glance format, each topic is presented as a double-page spread with facts accompanied by clear diagrams and clinical photographs encapsulating essential knowledge. Structured over 7 sections, Paediatric Dentistry at a Glance covers: · Physical assessment and treatment planning· Prevention an.

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