Fundamentals of error-correcting codes /

Huffman, W. C.

Fundamentals of error-correcting codes / W. Cary Huffman and Vera Pless. - Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, 2003. - xvii, 646 p. : ill. ; 24 cm.

Originally published : 2003.

Includes bibliographical references and index.

Basic concepts of linear codes -- Bounds on the size of codes -- Finite fields -- Cyclic codes -- BCH and Reed-Solomon codes -- Duadic codes -- Weight distributions -- Designs --
Self-dual codes -- Some favorite self-dual codes -- Covering radius and cosets -- Codes over Z4 -- Codes from algebraic geometry -- Convolutional codes -- Soft decision and iterative decoding.

Fundamentals of Error Correcting Codes is an in-depth introduction to coding theory from both an engineering and mathematical viewpoint. As well as covering classical topics, there is much coverage of techniques which could only be found in specialist journals and book publications. Numerous exercises and examples and an accessible writing style make this a lucid and effective introduction to coding theory for advanced undergraduate and graduate students, researchers and engineers, whether approaching the subject from a mathematical, engineering or computer science background.


Error-correcting codes (Information theory).

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