Mullins, Laurie J.

Management & organisational behaviour / Management and organisational behaviour Laurie J. Mulllins, with Gill Christy. - 11th ed. - Harlow : Pearson Education Limited, 2016. - xxviii, 649 p. : ill. (col.) ; 27 cm.

Revised edition of the author's Management and organisational behaviour, 2013.

Includes bibliographical references and index.

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About this book --
Publisher's acknowledgements --
The organisational setting --
Understanding organisational behaviour --
Approaches to organisation and management --
The organisational environment --
The individual --
Individual differences and diversity --
Learning and development --
Perception and communication --
Work motivation and job satisfaction --
Groups, leadership and management --
Working in groups and teams --
Leadership in organisations --
Understanding management --
Structure, strategy and effectiveness --
Organisation structure and design --
Technology and organisations --
Organisational control and power --
Strategy, corporate responsibility and ethics --
Organisational culture and change --
Organisational performance and development --
Appendix a: review of personal skills and employability --
Glossary --

"Now in its 11th edition Laurie Mullins's Management & Organisational Behaviour is the essential guide to OB for students today. Over half a million students have used this engaging and practically focused book as their introduction to the world of management and organisational behaviour, and it continues to evolve and improve to serve the needs of modern students.Using both theory and practical, real-world examples, the textbook considers how organisational performance can be improved through effective management of people. This unique approach to the subject enables students to relate Organisational Behaviour to Management in the broader social and cultural contexts." --Publisher



Organizational behavior.

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