Morini, Massimiliano.

The pragmatic translator : an integral theory of translation / Massimiliano Morini. - 1st paperback ed. - London : Bloomsbury Academic / Bloomsbury Publishing, 2014. - 200 p. ; 24 cm. - Bloomsbury advances in translation .

Originally published: 2013.

Includes bibliographical references and index.

Cover; HalfTitle; Series; Title; Copyright; Contents; Series Editor's Preface; Acknowledgements; Introduction: A Linguistic Theory of Translation; 1 The Pragmatic Translator; The birth of a discipline; The three functions of translation; Conclusion: The human touch; 2 The Performative Function/1: From Text-Type to Text Act; Text typologies for translating purposes; From text-type to text act; Two examples of text acts; Conclusion: Translation viewed in narrative terms; 3 The Performative Function/2: How to do Things with Poems; The poetic fallacy. Bees and crocodiles: How to translate a funny poemSwimming Chenango Lake: The translation of light and water; Conclusion: Everything has a purpose; 4 The Interpersonal Function/1 (External): The Translator's Personality; The translator as an individual: Introduction and overview; Linguistic intervenience: A stylistic model of translation; Translation and neutrality: Zero-style; Conclusion: Faithful to what, loyal to whom?; 5 The Interpersonal Function/2 (Internal): The Voice of the Source Author; Translating texts or translating people/voices? Translation as ethnography. Text-bound and voice-centred versions: Translating cultural capitalConclusion: Translating voices, translating people; 6 The Locative Function/1: Translating Space, Translating Time; Introduction: Time, place, intertextuality; Translating Scotland; Time and tradition: Translating Middle Scots; Conclusion: Time is the same as space is the same as text; 7 The Locative Function/2: Repositioning Humour in Film and Comics; Introduction: Humour in constrained translation; Locative adaptation in audiovisual humour: Monthy Python in Italy. Locative adaptation meets with unqualified success: Astérix in three languagesConclusion: Same strategies, different results; Conclusion: The Use of the Theory; Notes; Bibliography; Index.

This book is concerned with translation theory. It proposes an all-round view of translation in the terms of modern pragmatics, as articulated in three pragmatic functions (performative, interpersonal and locative) which describe how translated texts function in the world, involve readers and are rooted in their spatio-temporal contexts. It presents a full and up to date view of translation that takes into account thirty years of research in the field of Descriptive Translation Studies. Unlike DTS, the theory provides an account of products and processes. This publication exhibits the need for.

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Translating and interpreting.

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