The Sage handbook of economic geography / edited by Andrew Leyshon ... [et al.] - Thousand Oaks : Sage, 2011. - xv, 411 p. : ill. ; 24 cm.

Includes bibliographical references and indexes.

Locating Location Models / Jurgen Essletzbichler -- The Quantitative Revolution and Economic Geography / Trevor Barnes -- The 'New Economic Geography': Credible Models of the Economic Landscape? / Ron Martin -- Making Sense of Globalization Hegemonic and Counter-Hegemonic Geographies / Richard Peet, Ipsita Chatterjee and Elaine Hartwick -- Unpacking Globalisation: Changing Geographies of the Global Economy / Neil M. Coe -- The Consequences of Economic Globalization / Peter Sunley -- The Local in the Global / Martin Jones -- Critical Sociospatial Theory and the Geographies of Uneven Spatial Development / Neil Brenner -- Space, Place and Labour / Philip Kelly -- The Geographies of Capitalism / Susan Christopherson -- Capitalism and Social Justice / Paul Routledge -- Globalisation and the City / Jonathan V. Beaverstock, James R. Faulconbridge and Michael Hoyler -- Towards a Critical Economic Geography of Workfare / Michael Samers -- The Economy Of Nature: From Political Ecology to the Social Construction of Nature / Gavin Bridge -- The Antonymies of Sustainable Development: Sustaining What, How, and for Whom / David Demeritt -- Towards Visceral Entanglements: Knowing and Growing the Economic Geographies Of Food / Michael K. Goodman -- Geographies of Economic Decline / Ray Hudson -- Geographies of Economic Growth I: Industrial and Technology Regions / Nick Henry and Stuart Dawley -- Geographies of Economic Growth II: Money and Finance / Michael Pryke -- Geographies of Retailing and Consumption: The Shopping List Compendium / Louise Crewe -- An Economic Geography of the Cultural Industries / Andy C. Pratt -- Doing Gender, Performing Work / Linda Mcdowell -- Feminist Economic Geographies / Louise Johnson -- Ordinary Economic Geographies: Can Economic Geographies Be Non-Economic? / Roger Lee -- Towards a Non-Economic, Economic Geography? From Black Boxes to the Cultural Circuit of Capital in Economic Geographies of Firms and Managers / Andrew Leyshon.


Economic geography.

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