Carbon dioxide as chemical feedstock / edited by Michele Aresta. - Weinheim : Wiley-VCH, c.2010. - xix, 394 p. : ill. ; 25 cm.

Includes bibliographical references and index.

1 Carbon Dioxide: Utilization Options to Reduce its Accumulation in the Atmosphere -- 2 Utilization of Dense Carbon Dioxide as an Inert Solvent for Chemical Syntheses -- 3 Autotrophic Carbon Fixation in Biology: Pathways, Rules, and Speculations -- 4 Carbon Dioxide Coordination Chemistry and Reactivity of Coordinated CO2 -- 5 Main Group Element- and Transition Metal-Promoted Carboxylation of Organic Substrates -- 6 The Chemistry of N-CO2 Bonds: Synthesis of Carbamic Acids and Their Derivatives, Isocyanates, and Ureas -- 7 Synthesis of Linear and Cyclic Carbonates -- 8 Polymers from Carbon Dioxide: Polycarbonates, Polythiocarbonates, and Polyurethanes -- 9 In-Situ Study of Carbon Deposition during CO2 Reforming of Methane for Synthesis Gas Production, Using the Tapered Element Oscillation Microbalance -- 10 Utilization of Carbon Dioxide through Nonthermal Plasma Approaches -- 11 Photochemical, Electrochemical, and Photoelectrochemical Reduction of Carbon Dioxide -- 12 Recent Scientific and Technological Developments in Electrochemical Carboxylation Based on Carbon Dioxide -- 13 Indirect Utilization of Carbon Dioxide: Utilization of Terrestrial and Aquatic Biomass -- 14 Fixation of Carbon Dioxide into Inorganic Carbonates: The Natural and Artificial "Weathering of Silicates"

"This ready reference closely investigates the use of CO[subscript 2] for the synthesis of carboxylates, carbonates, carbamates, isocyanates, and polymeric materials, as well as a solvent, in electro- and photoelectro-chemistry, biomass enhanced production and much more besides."--BOOK JACKET.

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Carbon dioxide--Industrial applications.

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