Structure of materials : an introduction to crystallography, diffraction and symmetry /

De Graef, Marc

Structure of materials : an introduction to crystallography, diffraction and symmetry / Marc De Graef, Michael E. McHenry. - 2nd ed., fully revised and updated, reprinted. - Cambridge, United Kingdom ; New York, United States : Cambridge University Press, 2012. - xxxii, 739 p. : ill. ; 26 cm

Index : p. 716-739. Reprint of the 2012 ed.

Bibliography : p. 688-715.

Machine generated contents note : 1. Materials and materials properties ; 2. The periodic table of the elements and interatomic bonds ; 3. What is a crystal structure ? ; 4. Crystallographic computations ; 5. Lattice planes ; 6. Reciprocal space ; 7. Additional crystallographic computations; 8. Symmetry in crystallography ; 9. Point groups ; 10. Plane groups and space groups; 11. X-ray diffraction: geometry; 12. X-ray diffraction: intensities ; 13. Other diffraction techniques ; 14. About crystal structures and diffraction patterns ; 15. Non-crystallographic point groups ; 16. Periodic and aperiodic tilings; 17. Metallic structures I : simple, derivative, and superlattice structures ; 18. Metallic structures II : complex geometrically determined structures ; 19. Metallic structures III : quasicrystals ; 20. Metallic structures IV : amorphous metals ; 21. Ceramic structures I : basic structure prototypes ; 22. Ceramic structures II: high temperature superconductors ; 23. Ceramic structures III : terrestrial and extraterrestrial minerals ; 24. Molecular solids and biological materials.

"This highly readable, popular textbook for upper undergraduates and graduates comprehensively covers the fundamentals of crystallography and symmetry, applying these concepts to a large range of materials. New to this edition are more streamlined coverage of crystallography, additional coverage of magnetic point group symmetry and updated material on extraterrestrial minerals and rocks. New exercises at the end of chapters, plus over 500 additional exercises available online, allow students to check their understanding of key concepts and put into practice what they have learnt. Over 400 illustrations within the text help students visualise crystal structures and more abstract mathematical objects, supporting more difficult topics like point group symmetries. Historical and biographical sections add colour and interest by giving an insight into those who have contributed significantly to the field. Supplementary online material includes password-protected solutions, over 100 crystal structure data files, and Powerpoints of figures from the book"-

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