How can I borrow a book?

1.To register as a borrower from the Library, please go first, with your University ID card, to the Library Circulation Desk.

2.Students may have up to Four books on loan at any one time for a period of seven days each

Loans may be renewed for a further seven days if the book is not required by another reader.

3.Final year students can borrow up to 6 books in their account. If you wish to renew the loan of a book you can log in with your Library account and check on the book you need to renew. The system will not renew the book if it was reserved by others or if you had penalty on your account above 50 pounds . During the period of renewal a book may be recalled at any time, and must be returned immediately, if another reader needs it.

Books labeled NB it means not for borrowing & Textbooks are not available to checked out at all.

4.Staff may have up to six books on loan at any one time for a period of one semester. After the first seven days of loan a book may be recalled, and must be returned immediately, if another reader needs it. Short Loan books may be borrowed on the same conditions as apply to students (see 2 above).

5.All books borrowed must be for the personal use of the borrower and must not be passed on to other students or staff.

6.If you reserve a book you must collect it by 12 noon on the second working day after its return. After that it will be returned to the shelves and available for loan to other readers.

7.Readers will be charged the full cost of replacement or repair of lost or damaged books, plus a fee to cover the administrative costs incurred by the Library.

8.Fines will be charged for the late return of books unless the lateness is caused by illness or other reasons beyond the reader’s control. Evidence of illness or other circumstances will normally be required at the time of return.

9.The level of fines charged will be displayed in the Library and on its website and may vary from time to time.

10.Books labeled REF and CDs may not be borrowed.

How can I reserve a book?

To reserve a book please apply the following procedures:

1.Make sure that your needed item is not available on the Library shelves.

2.Bring the Call Number which is shown on the Library catalog and type/capture it.

3.Go directly to the Circulation desk and ask the Librarian to search and specify the title then request placing Hold. 

4.Your name will be added to the waiting list for the reservation of the book.

5.Books can only be reserved if they are on loan to another borrower. If the book is available in the Library you are expected to come and retrieve it from the shelf in person. The Library staff will not contact you in this case.

6.As soon as your reserved item is returned, an automated e-mail will be sent to you via our Library system, or the Librarian will phone you if you are next on the list.

7.The book will be held on reserve for you at the library counter for 2 working days after its return then it will be available on the shelf.

I'm not a BUE member, Am I allowed to use the Library?

For the time being visits to BUE Library are allowed with prior permission by phone or an e-mail to the University Librarian at tmehrem@bue.edu.eg

I would like to donate a book, how can I do that?

If you want to donate materials like books, journals or audiovisual items, please send an email to Mr. Mohamed Basuney at mbasuney@bue.edu.eg and Cc Mahmoud Ali at mahmoud.ali@bue.edu.eg.

What happens if I return a book late?

The following penalty system will be applied for the late return or non-return of books borrowed from the Library:

• 6 LE per book for each overdue working day (i.e. Sunday-Thursday) during the first 4 weeks after the return date stamped in the book.

• Any book overdue for more than 4 weeks will be considered lost and its cost, plus 25% of the current price of the book (with a minimum of 20 LE) to cover the administrative overheads AND the previous overdue penalties will be added to the borrower’s fees due at the end of the semester (if not paid before then).

• To help ensure that no student disadvantages others by keeping books for long periods before examinations, penalty fees will be doubled for four weeks before University examinations and during the examination period.

• Penalties will also be doubled for the non-return of books that are recalled for the use of other readers.

• Students will not be allowed to borrow further books from the Library while they have books overdue for return or unpaid fines.

What are the opening hours of the Library?

Normal working hours:
Saturday – Thursday: From 9:30 AM – 4:00 PM.

During Summer and Midyear vacations:
Sunday to Thursday: From 9:30 AM – 4:00 PM

How can I recommend an item for purchase?

You can e-mail it to Mr. Mohamed Basuney at mbasuney@bue.edu.eg and Cc to Mahmoud Ali at mahmoud.ali@bue.edu.eg who will consult an academic liaison to make a decision about it or  you can use this Link directly(login using your library account).

Where is the Library located?

The Library is located between building G & building K (Pharmacy). 


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