What is Turnitin?

      It is a “text-matching software” used for submitting assignments and research papers that can be used to detect plagiarism by showing matching sections within the submitted paper. It is then up to the instructor,
not Turnitin, to decide whether plagiarism has occurred or not.

Why do we use Turnitin?

   BUE is trying to increase the awareness of academic essay writing service honesty by teaching students to learn about and avoid plagiarism, how to give credit to resources of information and to improve their writing skills; besides
assissting instructors in checking students’ works for improper citation or internet plagiarism.


Turnitin News


Turnitin Hosts 3rd Annual Plagiarism Education Week April 20-24


Turnitin Spring Webcasts Focus on Strategies for Educators to Improve Student Outcomes


Turnitin Launches Free Online “Teaching Tools” Resource


iPad app saves instructors time while providing richer feedback for evaluating


Turnitin Selected as CODiE Award Finalist for Best Cross-Curricular Educational Solution”


The top 10 ways college students plagiarize” by Dennis Carter


Turnitin Partners with ProQuest to Add Dissertations to the World’s Largest Database


Turnitin’s Free 30-Minute Webcast Series Helps Educators Advance Student Writing


Turnitin was recently honored with two awards as a top tool in education

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Access Turnitin

   Turnitin is available now through Turnitin.com. For self-guided manuals, please click on the following link(s):

For quick online PDFs, please click on the following link(s):

Turnitin Online Resources

     Check these following links:

    •  iParadigms, LLC, the developer of Turnitin offers daily online training sessions for instructors & administrators. These sessions are very useful for new and current users who would like to have a refereshment. Please click on the following link to join the online training


Turnitin FAQs

#Should an instructor depend on Turnitin for grading papers?
Turnitin looks for text similarity and doesn’t grade papers, this remains an academic judgment to check the assignment, examine the originality report to understand what a student did and then decide whether or not there is a problem.

#Has Turnitin included every source: books, web pages, publications unpublished works, etc…?’
Turnitin has a huge database consists of: 200 million archived student papers, 17 billion web pages crawled, 90,000 journals, periodicals & books. Some sources are not included especially if they were only available in print.

#Is it possible to delete submitted papers from Turnitin database?
Each submitted paper becomes part of Turnitin database but it is optional to the instructor to keep submitted papers to the standard paper repository or no repository. Student papers may be removed only by the instructor through contacting Turnitin administrator Ms Wesam El Abd

#Does Turnitin protect submitted papers?
Submitted papers are kept secured. No one can search within the students’ database.

#Does Turnitin allow instructors to see source text from a matching student paper within the originality report?
Turnitin shows the instructor source texts from matching student papers as long as they were submitted by the same institution only.


Contact Turnitin administrator
If you would like to have a face to face workshop on how to use Turnitin, interpret Originality Reports or use a GradeMark then you can contact us as follows:

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