What is Turnitin?

      It is a “text-matching software” used for submitting assignments and research papers that can be used to detect plagiarism by showing matching sections within the submitted paper. It is then up to the instructor,
not Turnitin, to decide whether plagiarism has occurred or not.


Why do we use Turnitin?

   BUE is trying to increase the awareness of academic essay writing service honesty by teaching students to learn about and avoid plagiarism, how to give credit to resources of information and to improve their writing skills; besides
assissting instructors in checking students’ works for improper citation or internet plagiarism.


Access Turnitin

   Turnitin is available now through Turnitin.com. For self-guided manuals, please click on the following link(s):

For quick online PDFs, please click on the following link(s):


Contact Turnitin administrator
If you would like to have a face to face workshop on how to use Turnitin, interpret Originality Reports or use a GradeMark then you can contact us as follows:

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